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Our Mission

● To impart required knowledge and skills in our students so they shine in their selected profession and have a successful career.

● To facilitate synergized research amongst faculty, students and industry in hospitality precincts.

● To develop bonhomie between institution and industry.

Restaurant & Mock Bar


The Institute has got an elegant, spacious and fully air conditioned restaurant with a seating capacity of 80 covers. The restaurant has beautiful bar counter. The unique feature of the restaurant is the attached display kitchen and a well equipped pantry.

Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Dehradun

Mock Bar

Mahatma Gandhi once said “we don’t believe in spirit which is inside the bottle but we believe in the spirit with which we welcome and serve to our foreign guests”. Mock bar of the Institute is equipped to train the students regarding the service of various alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and the preparation of various cocktails and mock tails.

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